Val-Kill Industries was started in 1926 at Hyde Park, New York by Eleanor Roosevelt, Nancy Cook  and Marian Dickerman.  The name "Val-Kill" is a derivation of the Dutch words for "valley and river", and is the name given to her estate.  This site, which hosted kings and Presidents, continues to be carefully and historically maintained by the National Park Service.

Val-Kill Industries served as a model for FDR's "Second New Deal" that ultimately brought the country out of the depression.  Unfortunately, the company ceased large scale production a little over a decade later, and no furniture was produced until very recently, when we were given the opportunity to revive the company and its tradition. As of late 2014, in conjunction with the National Park Service, we are once again producing designs for the Val-Kill collection. For more information on Mrs. Roosevelt and "Val-Kill", her residence in Hyde Park, please click on the National Park Service to visit their web site. 

And if you are on the south side of Atlanta, please visit the Little White House in Warm Springs, Georgia.  This site, built and used by FDR during his presidency, is expertly maintained by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.  It hosts a museum and all the original buildings, and is filled with artifacts and furniture.  This great historic destination welcomes tourists and visitors year round.