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Hanging Bookcase

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This small hanging bookcase is patterned after a small hanging bookcase found at Eleanor's Val-Kill estate. It is true to the construction methodology of the time, with hidden dovetails for the bottom shelf and a sliding dovetail for the upper shelf.  These are not typically made this way today because of the cost, but these features ensure its historical accuracy.  Eleanor's version was actually a copy itself, with similar versions appearing in early furniture pattern books used by home craftsmen to make their own furniture when purchasing it was not yet an option enjoyed by many.  The example shown is 20X7X14 (LWH).  It is handmade from solid maple and is finished in a cherry stain.

Several originals are housed at the Eleanor Roosevelt Estate at Hyde Park.  Each of these RVHA commissioned pieces is marked with both the Val-Kill logo and the special Roosevelt Vanderbilt Historical Association (RVHA) logo to highlight its historical significance. A portion of the proceeds from the sale go directly to the Roosevelt Vanderbilt Historical Association (RVHA) to support Eleanor's lagacy and to continue operation of her Val-Kill estate and education center in Hyde Park, NY.